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Dragon's Maze PreRelease

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

This is a reminder that we'll be without any interweb next week as we try to survive the wilds of Northern Ontario - expect us back online 6th May with tons of Magic: the Gathering updates.

Today, for our last post ahead of our so-called 'vacation', here is some coverage of last night's (Midnight) Dragon's Maze PreRelease at OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario . . .  
First up, here's the vid -


We took an Orzhov Guild Pack with Golgari as the 'secret' guild.  Here's the pulls -

Rares - Guild Packs :
• Orzhov - Merciless Eviction
• Golgari - Deathrite Shaman

Rares - Dragon's Maze Packs :
• Pack 1 - Emmara Tandris
• Pack 2 - Catch // Release
• Pack 3 - Blood Scrivener
• Pack 4 - Skylasher + Blood Crypt

. . . And here's a bunch of pics from the event -

We had some good games but dropped early because of the trip.  Make sure to get your Dragon's Maze preorders in to MTG Mint Card and get the newest cardboard awesomeness in your paws fast. 

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Andrew said...

ran Izzet Boros yesterday for our prerelease here in the USA, and where I didn't land any really great rares, I was able to build a solid deck that took me to my best tourny yet. I can't wait to see what the rest of Dragon's Maze will do for my other Ravnica decks