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Dragon's Maze Spoiler 1

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Indeed a rather happy Monday for Magic: the Gathering players everywhere today as Dragon's Maze Spoiler and Previews start on the mothership.  Dragon's Maze is the third and final small set in the Return to Ravnica Block scheduled to be released on 3 May, 2013.  We suggest you may want to review previous Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash cards as we roll through Dragon's Maze previews over the next three weeks as there may be some singles which become more popular with the new cards.  We'll likely have at least on or two orders in to MTG Mint Card before 'spoiler season' is complete.  We here at MTG Realm have a double-post today.  Next post, we'll get to all the new cards from today's reveal, in this post, we'll cover off the mechanics to expect in Dragon's Maze as well as some very lovely card art, so let's get to it -

Split Cards with Fuse
The Dragon's Maze set features a new twist on split cards. Split cards, which previously appeared in the original Ravnica block, feature two spells printed on the same card. Just like their predecessors, the Dragon's Maze split cards give you the option of casting one half or the other. But with the new fuse ability, you don't have to pick just one!

Gates and Dragon's Maze Booster Packs
Multicolored cards can put a strain on your mana, so Dragon's Maze reprints all ten common Guildgates—lands that can tap for either of two different colors of mana—from earlier in the block.

Multicolored Cards
A multicolored card is just what it sounds like: a card with more than one color. You're probably already familiar with "gold" cards, which are spells that require two or more different colors to cast.

Return to Ravnica Guild Mechanics
Dragon's Maze features the Return to Ravnica guild mechanics detain (Azorius), overload (Izzet), unleash (Rakdos), scavenge (Golgari), and populate (Selesnya).  These mechanics explained in this post on the mothersite.

Gatecrash Guild Mechanics
Dragon's Maze features the Gatecrash guild mechanics extort (Orzhov), cipher (Dimir), bloodrush (Gruul), battalion (Boros), and evolve (Simic).  These mechanics explained in this post on the mothersite.

Righto - next up - some amazing card art to expect in Dragon's Maze . . .
Art by Mathias Kollros
Art by Karl Kopinski
Art by Clint Cearly
Deputy of Acquittals | Art by James Ryman
Art by Michael C. Hayes 
Art by David Palumba

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