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DGM Render Silent

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As it is Friday, make certain you give yourself a treat for the end of the week and head on out to your local gaming store and sling some cards in a Friday Night Magic event.  We'll be off to FNM at our local card shop, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario, play some standard constructed and hopefully score this month's FNM promo card, Call of the Conclave.

Speaking of FNM . . . Dragon's Maze Spoilers AHOY !

 We've been following this developing story since early this morning but now have been provided with sufficient evidence to indicate that the following alleged Dragon's Maze spoiler is indeed worthy to post (there have been a LOT of fakes again this season - thanks 4Chan!).  The first image appears to have been taken by Michael J. Fox using a potato-camera.  Anywhoos - the story goes that at a FNM event in Australia (city / store unknown at this time - Adelaide, South Australia?), the event wrapped up and the organiser began to break out the promo cards and this lovely card was found.  Since then, the original image poster ('JackAtlas' / 'the_warmaster') had been able to obtain and post a more clear image.  Let's have a looky-loo . . .

Warning - not confirmed - rely only on official Dragon's Maze previews from the mothersite.
Render Silent, wuu

Instant, Rare

Counter target spell. Its controller cant cast spells this turn.

ills. Kev Walker
*96/156 Buy-a-Box promo
Water Mark - Azorius

THIS - does not look too badly at all.  Let's dissect.

This counterspell does have a slightly more restrictive mana cost than Dissipate or Cancel which may turn off some players.  The benefits here however is that during latter turns in the game when the required mana is available for to your opponent, chances are that you can likely expect two or more spells during that player's turn (or even your turn).  Although your opponent can cast and have have spells resolve in response to Render Silent, their options are now rather limited.  Speaking of limited, there are only a number of limited counterspells in standard constructed at the moment which may have some players warming up to this card.

Render Silent is the Booster box promo card (or Buy-a-box promo) for Dragon's Maze.  Purchasing a booster box at participating local stores, and you may be able to get one of these. They are foil cards with alternate art, and are often highly prized by collectors.

In other news, we still are following another card - 'Varolz, the Scar-Striped' for which a card image was posted.  We are still not satisfied that this is not another fake and won't post about it.

Have a great weekend and happy gaming.


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