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MTG 2012 Holiday Promo Card

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps, 

Just a titch early this year, Wizards of the Coast has released their 2012 Holiday card. If you are not aware, these Holidays Cards are not tournament-legal but completely fun in foil, which are provide to Wizards’ staff and business partners. If you are not affiliated with WoTC and really, really want to score one of these, don't fret - they do occasionally find their way onto the singles market but expect to pay around $50 for these fun foil curiosities.

Anywhoos -
WE are extremely happy to once again get this wonderful gift from Wizards!  This year's card is the very witty Naughty / Nice with art by Greg Staples . . .

Naughty, 1BB
Search another target player's library for a card and put that card into your hand.  Then shuffle that player's library.

Nice, 1WW
Search your library for a card and put it in another target player's hand.  Then shuffle your library.
Here is a review of past Magic the Gathering Holiday cards - we'll say Christmas Cards as we just so happen to be Christian. Click on the linky for each to download the wallpaper or to embiggen that image -

Yule Ooze, Christmas 2011 by Steve Prescott


Snow Mercy, Christmas 2010 by RK Post


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