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Gatecrash Spoiler 3

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Although it is the day before Christmas, to Magic: the Gathering fans, it appears that Christmas may have come early.  Over the mothersite today, gamers got another Gatecrash preview.  In fact, Wizards of the Coast has promised that there will be a special Gatecrash gift each day this week ahead of the official previews which will begin on the 31st December. 

If you cannot immediately find today's special Gatecrash spoiler on the page, click on the present appearing on MaRo's article banner to open. 

Anywhoos - onto today's new card  - A very lovely Simic Guild Wizard . . .
Fathom Mage, 2GU
Creature - Human Wizard, Rare
Evolve (Whenever a +1/+1 counter is placed on Fathom Mage, you may draw a card.)
Whenever a +1/+1 counter is pla
ced on Fathom Mage, you may draw a card.
Illus. Ryan Pancoast #162/249    

First off, we have to say that the art that Ryan Pancoast had made is exceptionally brilliant.  We are really looking forward to more arts from Ryan as well as further Simic arts.

The new Evolve mechanic for this guild looks pretty sweet and we've been impressed with Fathom Mage as well as the other card Simic Fluxmage.  We think that this will make not only very solid cards for limited but for constructed format as well.  


Speaking of constructed, the new card will couple very well in our opinion with counter-party cards such as Hunger of the Howlpack, Increasing Savagery, and the like.  If you think likewise, we suggest dropping over to MTG Mint Card to pick these up if you have not already.

Drop by MTG Realm again soon as we will be online and keeping you up to date.

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