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Planeswalker Guide to Gatecrash

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We here at MTG Realm are big fans of the flvour.  We're not talking about BBQ ribs, we're talking about Magic: the Gathering.  Whether its card names, flavour text, or those brief stories in the player's guide which comes with each set's Fat Pack, we are insatiable.  These words are the product of the Creative Team at Wizards of the Coast and that's not all they do.  They occasionally write Magic Novel, like the recently released Return to Ravnica novella 'The Secretist', as well as providing descriptions to card artists to assist in their illustrations.

Anywhoos - Check out the mothersite today which now has up the Planeswalker's Guide to Gatecrash, part 1.  In today's article, the Creative Team deliver's the flavour on two of the guild's in this set - Boros Legion and House Dimir.

Here's a hany reference to previous Planeswalker Guides:
Return to Ravnica : Azorius, Izzet, Rakdos, Golgari, and Selesnya.

Boros Overview

The Boros Legion is the guild of righteous law and fierce justice. The most formidable military force on Ravnica, the Boros are efficient, self-assured, and passionate in the pursuit of their ideals. Sunhome, the Boros guildhall, serves as both barracks and focal point of worship. The floating citadel known as Parhelion II, restored from the remains of the destroyed Parhelion I, occupies an awe-inspiring place in Ravnica's sky.

Dimir Overview

In the dark, slick corridors of the undercity lurks the unfathomable network of the Dimir guild. House Dimir is Ravnica's dark but open secret: the people know Dimir exists but they pretend it doesn't. The Dimir's role in Ravnica is to provide covert services that other guilds can't or won't, using secrecy as both weapon and defense. Dimir is hidden even from itself, using pockets of covert agents who are aware of only a few other contacts. Dimir agents leave no trace, destroying memories of witnesses to their crimes, and even going so far as to eliminate their own memories of assignments.

Another piece of good news today from our friends over at MTG Mint Card - they have been able to score additional Return to Ravnica product and now have restocked.  You can new get your fav Mythic rare and slip that under the tree in time for Christmas.


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