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GP Toronto

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Over the weekend, more than 1,050 Magic the Gathering players traveled from far flung exotic locations to participate in the Grand Prix championship tournament in Toronto.  

Approximately a dozen players from our own local gaming store, OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario made the trek down to vie for fame and fortune in this Modern format tournament.  We don't think Team Barrie broke into the top 100 standings but will catch up with them latter to confirm.

The metagame clearly favoured Jund, and Red-Green Tron, with Scapeshift, Twin, and Robots making a solid showing as well.  At the end of Day Two Willy Edel of Rio de Janeiro beat out Californian Sam Pardee to take the title of Grand Prix Toronto Champion.  A great showing by fellow Canadians Jon Stern, Collin Morton, Alon Chitiz, and James Vance all found seats at the Top 8 finals table.

The deck we here at MTG Realm that most interested us was a Black / White tokens build, piloted by American player Melissa DeTora who took 9th Place in the tournament.  Why do we love this build - well mostly because we actually own most of the cards and have had a lot of fun playing something similar.  With a few minor tweaks and an acquisition from MTG Mint Card, we will have a Modern deck to take to the gaming store.  Here's a quick look at Melissa's deck . . .

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