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Steampunk Dice

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

We here at MTG Realm have gaming on the brain, like most all the time.  The only thing we like as much as gaming is game accessories - you know, card sleeves, playmats, and oh yeah - dice.

We've had our peepers on these very lovely metal dice for a week or two and finally broke down and decided that $35 would purchase us gaming happiness.  We ordered this from CoolStuff Inc. on November 12th, shipped on November 20th (not sure what took sooo long there?), and in our paws on December 3rd, 2012 in time for Christmas.

The manufacturer is Q-Workshop who is located across the pond in Poland.  We don't get out much and really had not heard of them before but after popping over to their website, we really want to buy pretty much everything they have there.
Here's a short video review . . .

The verdict ? 
These are really quite beautiful.
Vince over at Sir Games-A-Lot here in Barrie does not care for metal dice at all - and for good reason - imagine an errant heavy metal die rampaging ruin on a crowded Warhammer or Heroclix miniatures game board.  For our favourite game, Magic: the Gathering, this really is not an issue.  The D20 die may be a titch difficult to read but we still love the set.  We suggest that if you are after a higher visibility game piece, go for a Q-Workshop SteamPunk plastic one in your fav colour.


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