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RTR Spoiler 18

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Edit - Two additional late day spoilers (Blistercoil Weird & Rakdos Charm)
There are not too many Friday's left for you to game with M12 and Scars of Mirrodin block cards at Friday Night Magic.  Be sure to get your fav (older) deck into FNM before the new standard season begins on Friday, 5th October.  We'll be heading out to OMG! Games in Barrie, Ontario (near Georgian College) to enjoy the sunset of such cards as Hero of Bladehold, Wurmcoil Engine, and Honor of the Pure.   Anywhoos - some new Return to Ravnica cards which we'll see in the new season have been collected below for you . . .

Ash Zealot, rr

Creature - Human Warrior, Rare
First strike, haste
Whenever a player casts a spell from a graveyard, Ash Zealot deals 3 damage to that player.

Some players may think that Miss Ashley here may be just good in a sideboard against decks with 'yard tech / dredge or flashback, but we will take her any standard constructed day of the week - a 2/2 for two mana with first strike AND haste is very a bad thing.  We expect Zombie builds to be quite strong and popular with the kids, and altough Ashley is good against the brain-noming hordes, she needs more friends.

Pithing Needle, 1

Artifact, Rare
As Pithing Needle enters the battlefield, name a card.
Activated abilities of sources with the chosen name can't be activated unless they're mana abilities.

Hello there again!  This is yet another kick in the tenders of much maligned Snappy.  (Edit - read comments below - thanks rules guys !- we were thinking Birthing Pod here) There are now so many answers to Snapcaster Mage, we doubt that this may even be a shadow of his former glorious self when the new standard season gets underway.  Players wanting to get games in with Junk 'Walkers should be nervous about this card as well.  If you don't have Needles, get 'em folks.


Blistercoil Weird, (u/r)
Creature - Weird, Uncommon
Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, Blistercoil Weird gets +1/+1 until end of turn. Untap it.

This could very well be fake, so treat this card from this arse-clown as rumour.  This one comes from YouTuber 'nerimon', who licks, bends and coughs on this card.  Please forward your hate mail to him.  Otherwise, a decent Izzet Uncommon. 

Rakdos Charm, br
Instant, Uncommon
Choose one: exile all cards from target player's graveyard; or destroy target artifact; or each creature deals 1 damage to its controller.

This was previewed on Geek-News-MTV, another odd 'n' unusual outlet for Wizards to use.  This cards seems legit and fits into the name and number crunch list nicely.  Nice charm, makes token generating decks slightly uncomfortable. Too bad this doesn't work with those nasty Vraska assassin tokens.

Psychic Spiral, 4u
Instant, Uncommon
Shuffle all cards from your graveyard into your library. Target player puts that many cards from the top of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

This preview from Cranial Insertion, one of the best (and entertaining) MTG rules site on the interwebs.  We can see some Izzet players using this late game after an Epic Experiment or two to deck their opponent.  Suggested serving for this may be a mill deck or even tech against a mill deck for that matter.  We're liking this card.

Golgari Decoy, 3g
Elf Rogue, Uncommon
All creatures able to block Golgari Decoy do so.
Scavenge 3{G}{G} (3{G}{G}, Exile this card from your graveyard: Put a number of +1/+1 counter's equal to this card's power on target creature. Scavenge only as a sorcery.)
We'll get the image up latter
This was a preview from the Limited Resources podcast.  In the mythical and imaginary MTG Christmas land, players engineer epic plays on the gametable with Vraska's Assassin tokens already out and swinging in with the Golgari Decoy . . . fun times.  We've always like lure effects like Prized Unicorn and we think players will like this in limited, but perhaps not as much in standard constructed.


Mondryn said...

Not to nitpick, but Pithing Needle does nothing to Snapcaster Mage, since his ability is a triggered ability, not an activated ability.

cheshire vash said...

I got a nasty thought in regards to the Rakdos charm. That one damage from creatures counts as combat damage right? If I was going against someone using Vraska, I would PURPOSEFULLY let him/her build Vraska up to the ultimate ability as long as I had this charm in my hand. Then use his own assassins against him to force him to loose.

Same thing with anything that has combat damage effects, using their own medicine against them effectively.

Milgram said...

Flashback is an activated ability.

Tenface said...

Flashback is a static ability not a activated ability so no Pithing Needle does nothing to counter snapcaster mage. You can look up section 702.32 in the comprehensive rules.