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RTR Spoiler 17

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,
Edit - TWO late day previews - Tablet of the Guilds & Ultimate Price
More new Magic the Gathering cards from the WoTC mothersite as well as other sites lucky to score a Return to Ravnica preview.  Our Return to Ravnica Spoiler list is currently at 118 / 274 and we are starting to see more uncommons and commons getting spoiled / previewed.  The rarity is distribution is still not known but a hint from MaRo suggested 10 more uncommons than usual.  We're guessing that there is still (very roughly) 4 more Mythic Rares, 16 more Rares, 55 more uncommons, and 75 more commons to go before the prerelease at month's end.

Anywhoos - enough yattering for now, we'll likely do a name and number crunch in another day or two.  Players wanting to see today's cardboard goodness, scroll on through . . .

Sphinx's Revelation, xwuu

Instant, Mythic Rare
You gain X life and draw X cards.

Yep - A mythic rare cycle of guild instants / sorceries with 'X' in the cost is pretty much confirmed here.  Sphinx's Revelation (Azorious) gives life / card draw, Rakdos's Return (Rakdos) gives damage / discard, and Epic Experiment (Izzet) gives an interesting self-mill-exile / cast ability.  We are definitely excited about the possible Selesnya and Golgari cards. 

Mercurial Chemister, 3ur

Creature - Human Wizard, Rare
{U},{T}: Draw two cards.
{R},{T}, Discard a card: Mercurial Chemister deals damage to target creature equal to the discarded card's converted mana cost.

This preview from the hip / cool / funny folks over at Loading, Ready, Run.  This is simply slick Izzet tech which will likely be rather popular with gamers.  We like that the first ability allows us to keep said cards so we can keep potential answers in our hand and we love that sweet burn on the second ability.

Stealer of Secrets, 2u

Creature - Human Rogue, Common
Whenever Stealer of Secrets deals combat damage to a player, draw a card.

So the M13 core set gave you Scroll Thief which, for the same mana cost, gave you the same card with one extra toughness (edit - and 1 less power - thanks Andrew).  We would rather play green for a draw off Elvish Visionary, or if we wanted to stay in blue, just use a hexproof / unblockable Invisible Stalker with a Curiosity on him.

Centaur Healer, 1gw

Creature - Centaur Cleric, Common
When Centaur Healer enters the battlefield, you gain 3 life.

This preview from Swedish MTG site Svenskamagic.  This here is a decent common. Where Cathedral Sanctifier cost one for a 1/1 and netted you 3 life, the Centaur here gives you a 3/3 body for 3 mana and the same 3 life, which means some players will consider a cloudshift / flicker game but we still don't see a solid argument for a lifegain deck just yet. 

Faerie Imposter, u

Creature - Faerie Rogue, Uncommon
When Faerie Imposter enters the battlefield, sacrifice it unless you return another creature you control to its owner's hand.

We like cards like Glint Hawk and Kor Skyfisher, and will likely take a liking to this as well.  Now, if they only had flash (like Restoration Angel) - dang, that would be broken.  Anywhoos, as for standard, look for a critter with an EotB effect, but players would likely want Ghostly Flicker or Cloudshift instead.

Tablet of the Guilds, 2
Artifact, Uncommon
As Tablet of the Guilds enters the battlefield, choose two colors.
Whenever you cast a spell, if it's at least one of the chosen colors, you gain 1 life for each of the chosen colors it is.

It's like the 'lucky charms' cycle meets Ravnica - not that bad in limited, now if only we could make a deck with Rhox Faithmender and Ajani's Pridemate.

Ultimate Price, 1b
Instant, Uncommon
Destroy target monocolored creature.

This is a cool kill spell, wicked flav text.  We like that Wizards is suggestion you fully immerse your game in one of the Guilds.

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Andrew said...

Last I checked, Scroll Thief is a 1/3, not a 2/3.