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RTR PreRelease Promos

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

As it is Saturday, and not just any ordinary Saturday, we suggest you have a quick peep at our previous post on Magic Celebration 2012. Today, Magic the Gathering gamers and those who are just now thinking about getting into this game will be heading off to hundreds of game stores around the world to participate in a free event, score some cool cards, and have a blast.  If you happen to be in Barrie, Ontario and a new student at Georgian College, walk across the road to OMG! Games to unwind after your first week into the grind. 


Anywhoos - 
Onto the subject of today's post - Return to Ravnica  pre-release promos!  This new Magic the Gathering set, to release 5th October (with prerelease events the weekend before), may very well be one of the most highly anticipated MTG releases in recent years.  To this end, Wizards of the Coast is providing local gaming stores with a slew of promotional material - as if they really had too.  Let's have a looky-loo . . .

Jace Return to Ravnica Floor Standee greets store customers
Return to Ravnica counter display and an interesting 2/2 green Centaur Creature token.

. . . And of course, confirmation supplied by forum user ReAnimator of the Return to Ravnica PreRelease promos.  This slick alternate art cards are given to each player participating in the event based upon which Guild PreRelease pack you pick . .


• Azorious - Archon of the Triumvirate

• Golgari - Corpsejack Menace

• Selesnay - Grove of the Guardian

• Radkos - Carnival Hellsteed

• Izzet - Hypersonic Dragon.

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