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RTR Pre-Rel Guild Packs

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Tonight at midnight, many local gaming stores will be packed with rabbid Magic the Gathering players all wanting to get their paws on the new Return to Ravnica cards.  This particular PreRelease has many gamers excited as WotC has special Return to Ravnica PreRelease Guild packs instead of the traditional booster packs.  

There is also the possibility of scoring some sweet RTR swag in the form card boxes, card sleeves, lanyards, and playmats from the tournament organiser.  These very slick-looking prerelease boxes will contain;

• 5 Return to Ravnica booster packs
• 1 Guild Booster Pack
• 1 Promo Card
• 1 Achievement Card
• 1 Spindown™ Life Counter
• 1 Letter from the Guildmaster
• 1 Guild Symbol Sticker

The Guild booster will have cards from that Guild or that colour;
• Foil Prerelease promo (you get to play in tourney)
• 1 Rare
• 3 Uncommons
• 11 Commons

If you want to get some practice / oreintation in ahead of the PreRelease event, check out the Mythic Spoiler site or Cam's sealed decktool.

Here's the eye-cand now from Forum user Coffee4am (aka Hobby-4am) who posted contents of all five Return to Ravnica PreRelease Guild pacts.  It appears that each guild pack may have a Guildgate, which replaces the basic land with the other remaining randomised cards sharing that guild's colour and / or with that guild's watermark.  Here's a closer look -






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