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Magic Celebration 2012

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

Tonight is Friday Night Magic, so if you happen to be in a new town (start of school / whatever), pop over to the Wizards of the Coast Store and Event locator, and find a nearby place to pick up a few games of Magic the Gathering.

This year's Magic Celebration is a special no-charge event where new and existing players can get together and celebrate all things Magic: The Gathering in their local participating stores.  Join your local gamers at OMG! Games for free gameplay, fun, and prizes!

OMG Games is located at 130 BellFarm Rd. Unit#10,
in beautiful Barrie, Ontario and will host Magic Celebration 2012 on Saturday, September 8th.  Call if you have questions (705-721-4263) about the event or if you just want to breath heavy on the line.

Hello Josh . . .

Time: Registration opens at 11:00am. Play starts at 12:30pm.
Cost: Free
Format: Mini Master tournament

Event Features
• Mini Master tournament: This quick, casual format is the perfect way to introduce new and digital players to Limited play – at no charge to the players! All players start out equal, no matter their experience, in this fast-paced tournament. Feel free to add other casual activities to enhance your players’ experience.

• Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 item code: Duels players will be directed to a Magic Celebration event through in-game content to receive a digital item code. This code will allow your Celebration attendees to unlock in-game content.

OMG! is where Magic lives in central Ontario


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