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Return to Ravnica PreRel Prep

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We thought this day would never come and finally, here it is - the Return to Ravnica PreRelease event is this weekend - Saturday / Sunday 29th / 30th September.  We've been talking to a few Magic the Gathering players who want to attend all the flights in order to play all the five Guilds featured in Return to Ravnica - Azorius, Selesnya, Golgari, Izzet and Rakdos, in order to score each of the special prerelease Guild packs.

Anywhoos - Make sure you check ahead at your local gaming store, as most are taking preregistration and reserving your Guild of choice.  As for us, we'll be at OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario to participate in at least one prerelease event (but hopefully two).  We expect several new players to drop in as well from this year's new batch of Geogian College Frosh (across the road from OMG! Games).

We've talked to Rick, the owner who indicates that
many players are already preregistered now to reserve their guild pack for one of the six events being held over the weekend.  Here are the times . . .

Return to Ravnica Pre-Release Date & Times

Saturday Sept 29th : 12:00am(Friday Midnight), 10:00 am, 2:30 pm, and 7:00 pm    

Sunday Sept 30th : 11:00am and 4:00pm (Two-Headed Giant)

For the regular events, the format is Sealed Deck - Each player receives one Return to Ravnica Guild Prerelease Pack to use for building a deck, and for the special Two-Headed Giant even on Sunday, each team of two players receives two Return to Ravnica Guild Prerelease Packs to use for building their decks. (one Guild Prerelease Pack per player)

If you missed our earlier post on what's in each Guild Prerelease Pack, here again are the contents -
• 5 Return to Ravnica booster packs
• 1 Guild Booster Pack
• 1 Promo Card
• 1 Achievement Card
• 1 Spindown™ Life Counter
• 1 Letter from the Guildmaster
• 1 Guild Symbol Sticker

For the PreRelease event, players may use the promo card included with the Guild Prerelease Pack in their tournament deck.

As for the Cost, it will be $35 For all regular sealed events, and $60 Two Headed Giant ($30/player).  If you are a hardcore Magic the Gathering player wanting to maximise your Return to Ravnica prerelease experience, for $150, you can play in any 5 events with the guild pack of your choice reserved for each event.

And here is the breakdown for the Prizes to be had -
4-0 record recieve 14 packs Return to Ravnica
3-0-1 record recieve 10 packs Return to Ravnica
3-1 record recieve 6 packs Return to Ravnica
If you win against OMG! Games Onwers Rick and Josh, you can score an additional 2 prize packs.  Additional Prizes given out based on attendance and may even include Guild Prerelease packs.

Last Friday at FNM, we talked to a few players who had some questions as to exactly what was in the Guild Booster Pack.  Basically, this booster pack should be able to get your chosen Guild off to a good start and will only contain cards from your guild or from your guild's colors.  

The Guild booster will have;
• Foil Prerelease promo
• 1 Rare
• 3 Uncommons
• 11 Commons

In today's article on the mothersite, For that rare slot, there is only one mythic rare you might open: your guild's leader. You won't open Jace, Architect of Thought or Vraska the Unseen. 


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