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M12 Art Gallery

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We're off to OMG! Games latter tonight to take our new pre-con Commander decks for a spin but for now we wanted to look back over our shoulder and check out that very excellent post to the mothership on Monday by WoTC Monty - check out the some of these Magic 2012 art spoilers.

We already have details on some of the cards from about two weeks ago and have posted what we know.

Image 1 : Taste of Blood
Art by Howard Lyon

Taste of Blood, b
Sorcery, Common
Taste of Blood deals 1 damage to target player and you gain 1 life.
"How blessed are some people, whose lives have no fears, no dreads, to whom sleep is a blessing that comes nightly, and brings nothing but sweet dreams." - Bram Stoker, Dracula
Illus. Howard Lyon #113/249

Image 2 : ???

Art by Dan Scott

Image 3: Rune Scared Demon

Art by Michael Komarck

Image 4 : Distress
Art by Michael C. Hayes

Distress, bb
Sorcery, Common
Target player reveals his or her hand. You choose a nonland card from it. That player discards that card.
"Of course I'm sure I've gone mad. The little man who crawled out of my eye was quite clear on this."
Illus. Michael C. Hayes #94/249

Image 5 : ???

Art by Igor Kieryluk

Image 6: Chandra's Pheonix

Art by Aleksi Briclot

Chandra's Phoenix, 1rr
Creature - Phoenix Rare
Whenever an opponent is dealt damage by a red instant or sorcery spell you control or by a red planeswalker you control, return Chandra's Phoenix from your graveyard to your hand.
Illus. Steve Argyle #126/249

Image 7 : Pride Guardian

Art by Chris Rahn

Pride Guardian, w
Creature - Cat Monk, Common
Whenever Pride Guardian blocks, you gain 3 life.
Illus. Chris Rahn #31/249 0/3

Image 8 : ???

Art by Terese Nielsen

Image 9: Angelic Destiny

Art by Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss

Angelic Destiny, 2ww
Enchantment - Aura, Mythic Rare
Enchant creature
Enchanted creature gets +4/+4, has flying and first strike, and is an Angel in addition to its other types.
When enchanted creature dies, return Angelic Destiny to its owner's hand.
Illus. Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss

> card details from this post.

We have an intact Political Puppets Commander deck we want to give away as we celebrate our 3-Millionth visitor mark to the MTG Realm blog. This contest is open ONLY to CANADIANS (sorry to our cousins south of the border).

How to win :
1 : Send an eMail to us : copysix [at] gmail [dot] com
2 : Include your Canadian postal code to verify you are Canadian
3 : Answer the following 3 questions - (1) "Who is the sponsor of our Magic 2012 spoiler list?", (2) What is the title of the book image used in our post from May 20th, 2011?", and finally (3) "What was the sad news we blogged about in our post from January 11th, 2011?"

Good luck to the participants - send 'em in now ! We give you our promise to safekeep and not spam your eMail addy. Correct contestants will be chosen at random by our hound, Isamaru and we will eMail you for your full address and ship it off to you. We will draw shortly after we hit the 3-million mark (expected in another week or so).

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