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Aggro Myr

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We hope everyone had a great weekend - we certainly did. We rocked well at FNM with that life-gain deck and had a comborific time at least twice when Phyrexian Metamorph, Leonin Relic-Warder and Suture Priest / Soul's Attendant were in play. It was a simple matter of waiting for Felidar Sovereign to hit a stick for a turn. Anywhoos - we invite you to share a story of what cool plays you delivered or saw during your games.

Today we were going to yatter about all the Commander (formerly Elder Dragon Highlander) previews / spoilers which are not out but we will wait and update you next post. For now, we wanted to do a show 'n' tell on a very fun standard Myr deck we played over the course of the weekend. We would take this to FNM but the local metagame is rather competitive so this is relegated to the kitchen table.

There are a good pool of cards from which to construct a 60-card tribal Myr deck. We like tribal. Unfortunately, the challenge is that most Myr cards have a casting cost of two or three and things get sparse beyond that. Cards of note beyond this mana boundary are Myr Turbine and Myr Battlesphere. Throw in a Myr Reservoir, Tempered Steel and then your casual Myr deck choices are starting to look a bit more promising.

Anywhoos - let's have a look . . .

38 Spells
4 x Dispatch
4 x Plague Myr
4 x Myr Superion
4 x Hovermyr
4 x Palladium Myr
4 x Myr Galvanizer
4 x Myr Reservoir
4 x Tempered Steel
3 x Myr Turbine
3 x Myr Battlesphere

22 Lands
5 x random non-basic lands
17 x Plains

The only piece of control we considered for this beta-build is Dispatch. It had performed not badlly to date - it would be nice to have another deckset in the one-drop column but we will persevere for now.

The early fatty is Myr Superion (a very beefy 5/6 for two mana), which is supported by the mana-dorks Plague Myr and Palladium Myr who not only feed the mana required to cast Superion but will also serve well as chump blockers. The Myr lord, Myr Galvanizer is a decent three drop which pumps your Myr +1/+1 but we are loving the untap ability that is also on this card.

Myr Reservoir is another decent three drop which not only provides additional mana but also provides excellent recursion - fresh from the graveyard to your hand. Tempered steel is a monster, providing a +2/+2 pump to your little horde of artifact critters.

Games to date have also demonstrated that Myr Turbine should not be underestimated / under-rated. Sure it costs five but it does provide 1/1 tokens and a way to tease a Superion out of your library.

Finally the Battlesphere. This is the punch line of this build. For only seven mana, you get five bodies on the battlefield with a combined power / toughness of 8/9 - not too shabby.

We had won a LOT of games with this deck over the weekend and are currently looking to tweak some improvements to it. One place we are starting to chew on is a way to provide some evasion to the Battlesphere, whether is is an Armored Ascension or a rebounding Distortion Strike, only play-testing will determine.

Righto - your turn now - pipe in with your comments 'n' suggestions below in the comment thingy. Until next time, good gamery to ya and happy brewing.

Finally - As the Magic 2012 core set due to be released soon, you may wish to start planning your purchase before it does hit the street and your local games stores. We suggest you take a look at the excellent assorted card lots at MTG Mint Card here.


Anonymous said...

Question for the deck: Obviously there is an infinite mana possibility for the combination of 2 Galvanizers and a Palladium Myr (tap for 2 mana and pay 1 to continually untap it). Would not the infinite untaps also work for the 1/1 Myr tokens to have the Battlesphere do infinite direct damage?

Anonymous said...

No it wouldn't you need to activate all tapping of myr at the same time, a myr propagator will allow ifinate dagame though. Also i reccomend mirrorworks, after a search from the turbine, pay 2 and you have a copy of that card, so tutor with the turbine for a battlesphere, pay 2 and have 2 battlespheres and 8 myr tokens

Legendary Myr said...

Indomatible Archangel (i think), is the key your looking for. 4 drop and ends up giving your guys shroud and works as either an air defender or attacker.
made a deck near make to this pre new phyrexia set.