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M12 Sample Decks

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We're still reeling a bit from that massive Magic the Gathering spoiler yesterday and have yet to take a few moments to see how (if at all) the standard meta game may shake up. If you missed it (our previous post HERE), those Magic 2012 spoilers were courtesy of several brick 'n' mortar store owners who received their Duels of the Planeswalkers® 2012 Promotion kit from WoTC, if they are part of the Wizards Play Network.

The kits contained among other things (promo Titans), an updated Magic 2012 Demo Guide, Quick reference Cards and more importantly, Magic 2012 sample decks. These decks are ready-to-play and consist of 40 cards with land. Altough there are NO rares, there are a few uncommons. Today's post will collect some of the card stragglers from these decks.

Brink of Disaster, Child of Night, Consume Spirit
Devouring Swarm, Distress, Doom Blade
Gravedigger, Mindrot, Reassembling Skeleton
Sengir Vampire, Warpath Ghoul, Zombie Goliath
And certainly the coolest card last - Zombie Infestation - not because it may a great card to play but because of the flavour - 'The nomad's funeral pyres are more practical and cermonial' - Now - just read this in Bruce Campbell's (of Evil Dead fame) voice . . . . sweet.

Make sure you check back often as we continually update our Magic 2012 spoiler list - HERE.

Finally, if you like what you see, check out MTG Mint Card which now has assorted card lots from M12 ready for pre-order.

Happy and safe gaming - watch out for pesky zombies.

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