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Mirrodin Besieged Intro Packs

Hello Again MTG fans,

This is our second post of the day. Why? Because we came across some Mirrodin Besieged Intro Pack images. Images like this help sustain the spoiler hungry Magic the Gathering fans ahead of the pre-release and provide some enjoyable diversions speculating on the foil rare provided in each intro pack. Consider us stoked - we will most likely pick up one or two of these during the Mirrodin Besieged pre-release event scheduled for January 29th & 30th and play until the sun goes down.

Here are the images - as for the contents, speculate away folks !
We will of course post full intro pack deck lists when we get 'em.

Green / White


Path of Blight

Foil Rare - Phyrexian Hydra

Green Creature

Blue / Black


Doom Machine

Foil Rare - Psychosis Crawler

Artifact Creature

Red / Blue



Foil Rare - Galvanoth

Red Creature

White / Red


Battle Cries

Foil Rare - Victory's Herald

White Creature

Intro pack contents include:

* 60-card preconstructed deck, which includes 1 premium foil rare.

* A booster pack of the current set

* A set-specific insert explaining the new mechanics in the set and info on the preconstructed decks included in the intro packs

* A learn-to-play insert for new players that includes game rules, deck building tips, and storyline information

Unlike previous sets, Wizards of the Coast will only be providing four versions of the Intro Packs for Mirrodin Besieged (normally, there are five versions) to play. There will be two decks to represent the Mirran faction and two decks for Phyrexia. The intro pack displays at your local gaming store will still contain ten decks – two of each type plus two more selected at random.

1 comment:

Tezrael said...

I like the interesting Color combos for the packs, almost sad to see that white might be infected by phyrexia now.

Keep us posted on more, especially if you get info regarding the new "competitive" decks that are being released (the event decks)