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Battle Cry

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We sincerely hope everyone of you out there had a pleasant Christmas holiday and perhaps even that foil Jace, the Mind Sculptor under the tree / in your stocking you were pining about for the last few months. We got some coal, but hey, we can chuck it in the fireplace and cook some meat with it.

Anywhoos, we wanted to get another Mirrodin Besieged spoiler out to you today. You may recall our post on the 24th showing the store poster and the Mirrodin Besieged pre-release / release promos - well we now have the full spoiler out on Hero of Bladehold (Mirran faction promo) which was one of the two Pre-Release promos shown on the poster but sadly partially hidden behind Glissa, The Traitor (Phyrexian faction promo).

Say hello to this new sexy card which promises to make a nice splash on the game table . .

Hero of Bladehold, 2

Creature - Human Knight, Mythic Rare

Battle Cry (Whenever this creature attacks, each other attacking creature gets +1/+0 until end of turn.)

Whenever Hero of Bladehold attacks, put two 1/1 white soldier creature tokens onto the battlefield tapped and attacking.


First off a 3/4 for 4 mana is meh . . . but wait ! It is out of bolt range, it is a Knight (Exemplar Knight says hi), and it has two very excellent abilities. The first one has the new keyword mechanic, Battle Cry which we will get to in a moment. The second ability churns out two 1/1 soldier chumps which is decent in any token generating build, which do have haste and will benefit from the Battle Cry tech.

This card is an odd marriage of a play off exalted and one of my fav Lorwyn cards, Militia's Pride. What one can really hope for is some way to provide the Hero with haste or have have multiple creatures / spells which provide Battle Cry for a really big swing. We're not altogether sold that this should be at mythic rarity but will not pass judgment until we see the rest of the new set in context.

Also -
It appears that players are starting to get their very last MPR (Magic Player Rewards) mail outs just now. You can expect some nice looking cards such as alternate art Treasure Hunt and Searing Blaze. Depending upon your points, you may also score a foil Day of Judgment as well. Included in the mix is the oversized
Glissa, The Traitor from Mirrodin Besieged which has the requisite announcement for the new set.

Pipe in and drop us a comment - tell us what you think of Hero, Battle Cry or tell us what Wizards sent ya.

One last word . .

MTG Mint Card just put up their page for Mirrodin Besieged singles. So far there is just the four we have all seen before but keep your eye on this as more cards are loaded up for pre-orders which will ship out February 4th.

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Djtherapy said...

Received my Magic Player Rewards today, Treasure Hunt, Searing Blaze, foil Day of Judgment and the oversized Glissa, The Traitor from Mirrodin Besieged.

With the end of the player rewards, I'll be curious to see just what "increase of player support for local organized play programs," exactly means. I'm sure there's no debating the success of MTG, but will this actually benefit the players, or certain store owners who horde promo cards...