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Merry Christmas 2010

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

As it is the 20th of December, there is not much time until you head off to the parents / inlaws / outlaws or others to enjoy some quality time with them - we feel your pain. Enjoy that overcooked / undercooked Christmas meal accompanied by that re-gifted fruitcake.

We here at MTG Realm may be off-lined for a few days as we prepare and then recovery from the season's festivities but if something news worthy does hit the internets, be assured you will be able to read about it here.

For now, here is a review of present and past Magic the Gathering Christmas cards. These
rather witty / waggish cards released at this special time of year to WoTC staffers but if you take a dip into the Magic singles market, these puppies go for around $50 or so.

Snow Mercy, Christmas 2010

Season's Beatings, Christmas 2009

Evil Presents, Christmas 2008

Gifts Given, Christmas 2007

Fruitcake Elemental 2006

If you are well and truly stuck for a Christmas gift for that special Magic player in your life and want to be able to make his or her game moar awesum, you can always put in some arts 'n' crafts time - nothing says cheap procrastinator than a home made MTG lifecounter. This one features Jace and TWO dials for life AND poison counters - very slick.

Also - we want to say a special Merry Christmas to the approximately 4,000 or so folks in the Canadian forces who won't make it home for the holidays from 'over there'. Get back soon and safe.

One last word . .

MTG Mint Card just put up their page for Mirrodin Besieged singles. So far there is just the four we have all seen before but keep your eye on this as more cards are loaded up for pre-orders which will ship out February 4th.

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Unknown said...

Great Picture, i remember doing something just like it down range. God bless all the troops.