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Wild Gatekeeper

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

We have a few a few Mirrodin Besieged spoilers in the form of art previews but first, as we know a lot of you will be heading out to Friday Night Magic at your local games store, we want to give a brief run-down of FNM promos . . . (thanks to the guys at OMG! Games for the card show 'n' tell)


Last month (November), if you had played at an FNM, you had a chance to win a promo Gatekeeper of Malakir, a very slick 2/2 for two with a heck of a cheap kicker price which would result in your opponent having to sacrifice one of their creatures in play. Unfortunately, we did not get any but would love to get our paws one at least one or two eMail me!

Now if you are heading out tonight to FNM, you may have a chance to win a Wild Nacatl. This Shards of Alara Naya critter is a very solid one-drop which could mushroom into a 3/3 rather easily. Unfortunately, this is a card that is not currently in standard but still a decent card none-the-less in your extended or casual games.

We really like Kev Walker's art a lot but in this case, we rather prefer the original by Wayne Reynolds.


And now . . . some Mirrodin Besieged spoiler / preview images - A reminder - we will keep a running post with the latest spoilers 'n' previews HERE.

These two images are provided on the official WoTC MTG Mirrodin site.

The following images are provided by WoTC for retailers to promote the upcoming M

Let's get the obvious out of the way first. That Mirrodin Mephidross vampire art is hawt! We hope the final card will rock. If it lacklustre, we will probably still play it - anyone have her number?

Finally, for those players wanting to pimp their game, MTG Mint Card now has Magic Manga Jace vs. Chandra Singles available now - check them out here.

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