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MBS Art Previews

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Today, we are treated to a massive Mirrodin Besieged art spoiler courtesy of WoTC Monty in today's Magic Arcana instalment. The quality of Magic the Gathering's card art continually impresses the heck outta us promises to pretty up your game table. Personally, we can't wait to get our paws on these cards and play 'em.

Without further delay, here are the epic arts along with known (confirmed names in red)

1) Fat Pack wrap-around Art - Aleski Bricolt
2) Peace Strider - Igor Keiryluk
3) Phyrexian Crusader - Eric Deschamps

4) Unknown Mephidross Hag with snot-ball - Matt Cavotta
5) Unknown Phyrexian infect spider - Matt Cavotta (?)
6) Volshok gillette / schick chick- Karl Kopinski
7) Mirran Crusader - Eric Deschamps

8) Cloudy with a chance of mountains - Dan Scott
9) Unknown Metallica fan - unknown artist
10) Thrun, the last troll Legendary - Jason Chan
11) Darksteel energizer bunny - Chris Rahn

12) Pierce Strider - Igor Keiryluk
13) Goblin Kuldotha kegger - Svetlin Velinov
14) Neurok babe - unknown artist - Terese Nielsen
15) Phyrexian Frat pledge - Chippy

16) Tezz 'n' friends - Karl Kopinski
17) Goblinn Wardriver - Chippy
18) Potentially Karn - Jason Chan
19) Vulshok riding a Darksteel stead - Eric Deschamps

20) Phyrexian Paper-Hat clan - unknown artist - Igor Kieryluk
21) Chilli burn dragon - Jason Chan
22) Glissa emo mascara overload - Chris Rahn
23) The Tezz - Aleski Bricolt

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1 comment:

FloydPepper said...

i think 22 is Sheoldred, Whispering One