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Nerdcore . . . actually, Nerdcore Learning.

Nerdcore Learning is only place in the time-space continuum where medicine and geek culture intersect in one big red matter infused singularity. Nerdcore. Apply Directly to the Head.

For Dr. Arun Mathews and Dr. Francis Kong, teaching medical students is as much about sorcerers and science fiction as it is about textbooks and rounds. The two physicians are the founders of Nerdcore Learning, a gaming company geared toward creating study tools that combine two things they both enjoy: medical education and geek culture.

Nerdcore recently launched what it considers to be its signature product, "The Healing Blade." It is a role-playing card game that, like "Pokemon," "Yu-Gi-Oh" or "Magic: The Gathering," depicts sorcerers, creatures and heroines. But "The Healing Blade" teaches about infectious diseases. Nerdcore is developing an iPhone version of the game as well.

Similar ?
Ceftriaxone and Radha, Heir of Keld

Healing Blade, from Nerdcore Learning, is a Magic: The Gathering-like card game set in a fantasy world that teaches infectious diseases and therapeutics. Characters are divided into The Apothecary Healers, named after real-world antibiotics, and The Lords of Pestilence, named after actual bacterial agents. Players summon forth living manifestations of diseases, or counter-attack with antibiotics in the form of powerful warriors.

We guess that folks from all walks of life / career paths might enjoy collectible card / trading card gaming. Anywhoos - Apothecary Healer or a Lord of Pestilence? Choose your side Boils and Ghouls. Buy this game for your med-school buddies.


Also of note :
I just realised that MTG Mint Card has a very kewl tool for magic the gathering players - something called 'Deck Central'. This is certainly a great place to start if you are looking for some great casual deck ideas.


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