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LOL Drazi

A Happy Saturday to all,
Just a quick heads up about a very cool contest that StarCityGames is running.

Ryan O'Connor of StarCityGames posted this contest on Thursday - he invites all to participate by creating a funny graphic using a card or artwork from Rise of the Eldrazi and an entertaining caption. This work would then be posted to their FaceBook page HERE.

Here are the prizes !

First Prize: A free one-year subscription to Premium content -or- free entry into a 2010 Open Series Event. The Two Runners-Up will also win free 1-month subscriptions to Premium content! Entries are to be posted on Facebook by Wednesday, May 5th at 11:59pm EST with the winners being announced on Thursday, May 6th.

To date, there has been a great contribution. We suggest you head to Know Your Meme (where they painstakingly document Internet phenomena of viral videos, image macros, catchphrases, web celebs and more) - from here, you may then be inspired to submit your lulz for a chance to win.

Here are our two contributions :

Anywhoos - WE thought these were funny.

Here are some other great entries already submitted to the StarCityGames Facebook page . . .



Anonymous said...

In the poster you made, you say: "Your Day of Judgment, I shalt ignore."
"Shalt" should never follow "I;" "shall" is the correct form of that verb with "I." "Shalt" would go with the pronoun "thou."

Anonymous said...

...grow a sack