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Aura Deck Challenge

Happy Wednesday folks,

Today is an odd post. We may have already harped on about just what a great card Eldrazi Conscription, especially when coupled with other synergistic cards such as Kor Spiritdancer / Mesa Enchantress and / or Aura Gnarlid.

We had latter thought onto sneaking Eldrazi Conscription out of the deck either with a tutor instead of a hard cast. Altough Totem-Guide Hartebeest (what the hell is a 'hartebeest' anyways?) is good to pull out the conscription, we now have heard a lot of talk about just how much better Sovereigns of Lost Alara is to do this in a game. This is confirmed by the deck that Reid Duke played in the recent PTQ Amsterdam tournament in Boston this past weekend . . .

Here is what Jacob Van Lunen had to say about the combo . .
Eldrazi Conscription is not just a combo piece to go with your Sovereigns of Lost Alara. The eight-mana enchantment is a very real threat. One thing to keep in mind: annihilator won't trigger when you use Sovereigns of Lost Alara to attach the Eldrazi Conscription. Annihilator triggers when the creature attacks. It already attacked by the time the Eldrazi Conscription is attached, so annihilator trigger. Cold-casting Eldrazi Conscription is an incredible play once you have eight lands in play. I recommend waiting for your opponent to tap out.

Righto . . .

Here is the deck build challenge we give you the readers to mull over.
Develop a standard-legal deck with Kor Spiritdancer AND Eldrazi Conscription. We will pull together your choices and over the next several weeks, playtest the deck with as much gaming as we can get in. There are no prizes sorry, just an honorable mention as to your deck-building prowess.

Some cards to consider for inclusion depending upon what colours you finally decide on . . .

Here is a pre-mature build which we hope to tweak with your suggestions . .


One last piece of news,
We just noticed that MTG Mint Card just restocked a bunch of Rise of the Eldrazi mythics / rares . . . check it out. (they were certainly selling like hot-cakes).

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Unknown said...

You might want to go W/u and use more sigils. I made a sick angel deck using some of the new cheap totem armors, sigil, and luminarch ascension. O-ring has also seen a little boost in popularity with all the eldrazi running around.