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Elspeth Vs. Tezzeret

Good Day peeps,

We know it was yesterday's news, but you're gonna have to eat it or there will be no pudding. Anywhoos - New Duel Decks are on their way to a gaming store near you!

Posted in yesterday's Magic Arcana, Wizards has the next DD - Duel Decks: Elspeth Vs. Tezzeret. This is set to be released on September 3rd, 2010 for a suggested retail price of $19.99.

If this new product keeps true to form to previous Duel Decks, then MTG players should be experiencing the next best day to Christmas. Imagine - opening up / touching / holding / smelling an alternate art foil Elspeth, Knight-Errant. Oh yeah - and Tezzeret the Seeker can hang too.

A real quick view of today's market for these most excellent Planeswalkers - (you will have to realise that this will change almost immediately after posting of course) - Average of 10 well-known on-line retailers - $45.40 for Elspeth and around $9.50 for Tezzeret. Based on the MRSP, this product promises to be a really excellent buy. The only draw-back - is that there is a very good chance that both of these cards will rotate out of standard very soon so that kinda sucks - but hey - if you play casual kitchen-table games like us, who cares.

Here's the description from
Elspeth Tirel is adrift amongst the planes, seeking only a place of solace. Despite her prowess in battles, she has no desire for confrontation, but is again pressed into combat to uphold her sworn duty of service and protection.

Tezzeret is an artificer equal parts ambition and etherium, the arcane alloy that imbues his body. His true allegiance is only to himself, and he's unafraid to use allies as well as enemies as pawns in his quest for power.

These two powerful, diametrically-opposed Planeswalkers will collide. You'll determine who will prevail.

Deck Design and Development: Chris Millar, Erik Lauer, and Zac Hill
Release Date: September 3rd, 2010
MSRP: $19.99


Anonymous said...

Won't the Planeswalkers be foil versions? The pricing seems off for the foils versions of each.

CopySix said...

Absolutely correct ! - The prices we quoted above were non-foil - good catch.

Anonymous said...

I hope this deck is priced properly using its SRP posted...

some stores price the cards and sell it for an extrmely high price...

i recall garruk vs lilliana peing priced more than 1.25 of its SRP over the net when i got it.

Anonymous said...

Is the SRP even followed?
I hope it is!
I got my garuuk vs Lilliana at a higher price than the SRP...