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Consripted Enchantress

Happy Friday to all,
Don't forget to hook up with your friends and head out to FNM tonight and get in some gaming time (there's nothing on TV anyways).

We want to thank everyone who sent in eMails or comments on our recent casual magic Aura Deck Challenge posted HERE on Wednesday - especially Kev, Peter and Aaron who through their efforts, we might have a decent deck to bring in tonight at the local games store.

An unblockable 14/14 Aura Gnarlid is a scary thing kids

We got in some further playtesting with the new aura build - this is your standard g/w enchantress deck with the new Mesa Enchantress ver. 2.0 (Kor Spiritdancer) with the addition of Sovereigns of Lost Alara (which we happened to have a few of laying around) to tutor out this deck's punchline, Eldrazi Conscription.

Here is the decklist - one note however, after yattering to the fellas, we may mainboard Mark of Asylum given my local metagame's propensity for Jund builds.

Consripted Enchantress
Critters 'n' Spells : 40

4 x Birds of Paradise
4 x Noble Hierarch
4 x Kor Spiritdancer
4 x Canopy Cover
2 x Pacifism
2 x Hyena Umbra
4 x Mesa Enchantress
4 x Aura Gnarlid
2 x Bear Umbra
2 x Snake Umbra
2 x Oblivion Ring
2 x Sigil of the Empty Throne
2 x Sovereigns of Lost Alara
2 x Eldrazi Conscription

Land Ho : 20
8 x Forest
6 x Plains
1 x Island
2 x Sunpetal Grove
2 x Serjiri Steppe
1 x Celestial Colonnade

We were at first a bit concerned about only running 20 land but playtesting demonstrated that we had plenty of mana ramp available via the Hierarch and the Birds. We were able to consistently power out Sovereigns on turn four or five with the game ending in our favour in within the next two turns - not too bad. We especially loved the conditional text on Aura Gnarlid which allows one to swing in unblocked should the defending player not have any blockers with power matching or exceeding the Gnarlid.

Loads of more tweaking to take place after additional gaming in tonight at Friday Night Magic - - drop us a line / comment for suggestions which are more than welcome.


Anonymous said...

Looks good. Let us know how it works.

David G said...

Looking very good guys.
a few ideas.

if you want more controlling aura's like pacifism there is also the new 'Gurad Duty' which could work.
i would -1 Snake Umbra +1 Mammoth or Boar umbra
Not sure if you need all 4 canopy covers. maybe - 1 and + 1 Emeria Angel or Master of the Wildhunt for more board pressence.
Some other aura ideas -
Asha's Favor
Celestial Mantle
Sigil of the Nayan Gods
Trace of Abundance

Also have you considered Umbra Mystic making any of these have Totem Armour

Hope this helps, and hope your FNM went well. I'm a reasonably new player so what ive said may be rubbish.

Rick Sadler said...

i just saw a few of those earlier tonight, but instead of the bear umbra, they had baneslayer angel, and also a few lotus cobras for mana ramping.