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MTG Potpurri 5/04

Good Day and Happy Tuesday folks,

We've got a little from column A, B and C for you today, hence the post title, 'MTG Potpurri' (A collection containing a variety of sorts of things if you flunked high school French). Let's get to it . . .

You may recall this post of ours from early November last year where Wizards announced the development of a new electronic game
expected to released in 'early 2010'. At the same time of the announcement, the Sony Online product website was released : and

Well - remember the Chandra Nalaar art splashed all over the site and the video - you can bet your donkey that this planeswalker is pretty much guaranteed a spot - check out this new poster art posted by our buddy Juan over at Magic Madrid.

Here's the text . . .

Experience Magic in a New Dimension! Over 180 3D creatures and spells from the rich Magic: The Gathering multiverse allow you to craft your spellbook, field your team, and become a Planeswalker in this all-new online turn-based strategy game!


Next up,
We now have hard confirmation of what many had anticipated for a short while now - the Rise of the Eldrazi Game Day Game Day Promos. Head off to a participating store for some great standard constructed play, and you will get that lovely full-art re-boundy burn spell, Staggershock. Make it to the top eight and you will be able to scoop a a full art foily yumminess - Deathless Angel - check out the arts.

Not bad at all.
And finally,

For those of you hankering for some Magic 2011 core-set spoilers - - you're gonna have to wait a bit more - all we have is the promotion art provided on the back of select Rise of the Eldrazi rules / tips cards and a few crazy rumours - basically, there may be a chance that the popular 'buy-a-box' promo may be Birds of Paradise and everyone's fav burn spell is back - give a warm planar welcome to Lightning bolt ! As the season picks up again in a little while, stay tuned here as well as our buddies over at Gathering Magic.


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