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MTG Thursday Miscellany

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Tonight at midnight, the newest Magic: the Gathering set, Eldrtich Moon finally goes on sale.  Although some large 'big box' store chains may have ignored the 'street date' by a day or two, a large number of local gaming stores are open late after midnight to run booster drafts or just sell new product.  We'll be popping by our local gaming store, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario to pick up our customary Fat Pack and perhaps a few singles and hopefully scrap together a list for tomorrow's Eldritch Moon Launch for Friday Night Magic.  Participating stores with have that lovely Identity Thief launch promo for gamers.

Anywhoos, on to today's miscellaneous round-up of Magic: the Gathering related notes -

First up - 
Eldritch Moon / is available now on Xbox One, iOS, and PC via Steam in a new update.  Magic Duels gamers can now play through the conclusion of the Innistrad story in a new campaign, and collect over 120 new cards for your favorite decks. Take on the darkness with eldritch abominations, shambling zombies, and the return of the Gatewatch

Second / finally,
We missed a post to MTG Realm yesterday.  Wednesdays we usually talk about that day's Magic short story posted to the mothersite.  The story, titled 'Battle of Thraben', penned by Nik Davidson, sets the stage for the final showdown between the 'Gatewatch' Planeswalkers and was pretty damn awesome.  


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