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New Eldritch Moon Standard

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

The dust has settled on the weekend's StarCityGames Open Tournament in Columbus, Ohio and the results are in as to how the newest set of Magic: the Gathering, Eldritch Moon has impacted standard format.  From the 120 decklists going forward on Sunday, it appears that although there is still a measure of variation required for a healthy format, Bant Company was a clear winner as shown below in the top eight deck archetypes.

Bant Company – 34
U/W Spirits – 18
Bant Humans – 10
W/R Humans – 7
B/W Control – 6
U/R Eldrazi – 4
G/B Delirium – 4
G/W Tokens – 3

The best card in standard appears to the anchor of the Bant Company decklist, Collected Company.  This card got a lot better with the addition of Thalia, Heretic Cathar and Spell Queller which provides a volume of control in this list.  Thalia slows down your opponent a titch while Spell Queller can now exile key components such as Gideon, Ally of Zendikar and Nissa, Voice of Zendikar, members of last season's strong list G/W Tokens.  Here are the top 16 finalists for the SCG tournament in Columbus.

Bant Company 1st Devin Koepke
Sultai Control 2nd Ali Aintrazi
Bant Company 3rd Kyle Boggemes
G/W Tokens 4th Eric Rill
Bant Company 5th Dan Jessup
G/R Goggles 6th Matthew Voltz
B/G Seasons Past 7th Kasey Walton
B/W Angel Control 8th Ronnie Ritner
G/W Tokens 9th Andrew Boswell
Bant Company 10th Tom Maney
G/W Tokens 11th Chris Robinson
W/R Humans 12th Tom Ross
U/W Spirits 13th Jeff Hoogland
Bant Company 14th Jack Fogle
W/R Humans 15th Todd Anderson
Bant Company 16th Chris Andersen

Given the new powerful cards such as Mausoleum Wander (buff and instant / sorcery counter), Selfless Wanderer (saving your bacon from a board-wipe) and Spell Queller (jack of all trades remoal) we were expecting to see a strong presence in the top 8 of U/W Spirits.  These lists did do decent going forward to day two, just not quite across the finish line, which indicates to us that perhaps fine-tuning against Bant Company may be all that is needed.  The format is still very young and what is certain is the evolution of strategies.

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