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EMN Fat Pack Unbox

Happy Friday MTG peeps,

As it is Friday - and - the official release date of the newest Magic: the Gathering set, Eldritch Moon, we suggest you make tracks down to your local gaming store.  The launch promo is the shiny alternate-art Identity Thief.  If you happen to find yourself in Central Ontario, pop by our fav gaming store, OMG! Games, in Barrie.  

As is our custom here at MTG Realm, we've picked up a Eldritch Moon Fat Pack and provide this video of its dissection for you now - 

Fat Pack Contents:
•  9 Eldritch Moon booster packs
•  1 card box
•  Player's Guide / visual card list
•  Basic land pack
•  1 learn-to-play insert
•  1 Spindown Life Counter
•  2 deck boxes

Our Pulls - 
PK 1  Bruna, the Fading Light  +  Tamiyo, Field Researcher
Pk 2  Noosegraf Mob
PK 3  Ulvenwald Observer
PK 4  Wharf Infiltrator
PK 5  Imprisoned in the Moon
PK 6  Stitcher's Graft
PK 7  Summary Dismissal
PK 8  Assembled Alphas
PK 9  Bloodhall Priest  


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