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Eldritch Moon Standard

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

The the newest Magic: the Gathering set, Eldritch Moon, now joining standard format, fans are now looking to see just what sort of an impact this will have with the first big tournament.  

This weekend, Columbus hosts the StarCityGames Open Weekend, where many will attend but only a few will prevail to shape the evolution of standard format over the next months.  Here at MTG Realm, the current decklists of our playgroup will be modified every so slightly with new Eldritch Moon cards but no big changes are anticipated just for the moment.  

With each new standard season, we look to the largest card shop in Japan, Hareruya (@hareruyaEnglish), and the wildly popular suggestions of #KenjiWayfinder as a way to peer through a crystal ball into the potential future of standard constructed.  Undoubtedly, the tournament in Columbus taking place right now as we write the article will have a few of these lists on the game tables.

The proposed decklists also serve as a sounding board of sorts to determine whether similar ideas we've spawned are all that off the mark.  Anywhoos, here is the offerings provided - 

Deck1 "Deploy the Gatewatch"

Deck 2 "Spirit Company" (shown below)

Deck 3 "Splendid Reclamation"

Deck 4 "Emerge Green"

Deck 5 "UB Zombie"

Deck 6 "Eldritch Evolution"

Deck 7 "UR Puzzle"

Deck 8 "Mono Black Vampire"
(shown below)
Deck 9 "Naya Legends"

Deck 10 "RG Token"

Deck 11 "Jeskai Moon"

Deck 12 "GW Stitcher's Graft"

Deck 13 "Abzan Delirium" 

 Previously printed cards such as Rattlechains, Reflection Mage, and Collected Company support an essentially tribal spirits list - love this list.  We've had restricted ourselves to U/W and think the green splash for CoCo and Tamiyo Field Researcher well worth the third colour.

A handful of skeletons and vampires take a supporting role in this build which is all about churning out a massive volume of zombie tokens.  The MVP here is Liliana, the Last Hope, whose ultimate is a game-changer.


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