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Eldritch Moon Previews 7-06

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

We hope you will excuse our absence yesterday - we were in some pretty thick forests with no cell signal and definitely no wifi signal, so we are catching up with Magic: the Gathering spoilers and previews from yesterday as well as today.  

Of note today in addition to the new Eldritch Moon card previews is the next story installment, this one titled 'Campaign of Vengeance' by Ari Levitch.  We won't be talking about this story just yet so as to allow you to read it in full over on the mothersite at this linky.  For now, here is a round-up of all new cards which we will update as they trickle through from any third-party sites.

Campaign of Vengeance
Chaos Reveler
Dark Salvation
Falkenrath Reaver
Fortune's Favor
Grim Flayer
Lashweed Lurker
Mercurial Geists
Mind's Dilation
Mirrorwing Dragon
Nahiri's Wrath
Permeating Mass
Ride Down
Spell Queller

The unofficial translation for the foreign-language card -

Chaos Reveler, 6RR
Creature - Devil Horror, Rare
Chaos Reveler costs 1 less to cast for each instant or sorcery card in your graveyard
When Chaos Reveler enters the battlefield, discard your hand and draw 3 cards
illus. Jama Jurabaev # 118/205


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