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Eldritch Moon PreRelease

Happy Sunday MTG peeps,

On Friday, we took in a Friday Night Magic Event over at our local gaming store, OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario.  Our mon-white Humans decklist did well to take 3rd spot and we were quite prepared to wait an hour to participate in the midnight prerelease of Eldritch Moon but needed our beauty sleep as we got up at a terribly early hour that morning.  So we came back on Saturday.

Grab some pop-korn - Here is a short 5-minute video of the Prerelease -

Here was our pulls -
•  PreRelease Promo - Distended Mindbender  
•  DOI PK 1 Fortified Village 
•  SOI PK 2 Invocation of Saint Traft 
•  EMN PK 1 Ulvenwald Observer 
•  EMN PK 2 Tree of Perdition 
•  EMN PK 3 Collective Brutality 
•  EMN PK 4 Bedlam Reveller (Foil) / Mausoleum Wanderer 


First round was a 'bye', which was OK but we would rather be playing with the new cardboard.  The next rounds were all lost tragically.  There was some nice flashy stuff in black, but just not quite enough support in that coulour, so in the end we went blue / white which had some flyers and control.

What was doing great at your local prerelease ?


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