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Standard Metagame

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

Next Friday - Friday the 13th, promises to deliver a bunch of fun at our local gaming store, OMG! Games, here in Barrie, Ontario, Canada-Land.  Here's a quick look at what to expect if you are dropping by -
There is to be an appropriate Triskaidekaphobia Challenge, where the player with the most kills (oponent or self) with triskaidekaphobia at the end of the night will receive 13 Shadows over Innistrad Boosters.  Brilliant!  In addition to this, MTG Realm is also providing some very sharp looking gaming accessories from Ultra PRO - specifically, a Macabre Waltz Play Mat as well as matching Arlinn Kord / Arlinn, Embraced by the Moon deck sleeves and box.

If you are not opting to bring along a decklist to win the Triskaidekaphobia Challenge, then we will draw your attention to a good article today by Brandon Isleib over on Gathering Magic.  Off the top, this is a handy comparison table showing the popular standard decklists before and after the Pro Tour, based the breakdown of Magic Online League decklists.
Those prevalent Mono-White and White-Blue humans are still making the list as before the PT, but we are witnessing a healthy diversification now.  Pop on over to Channel Fireball's Power Rankings to see and anticipate the shifting power of individual cards.  Bant Company and Green-White Tokens have taken top spots for now but can they hold on for the next several weeks?   For now, here are the normalised metagame lists from MTG Goldfish for the top dogs.


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