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Happy Monday MTG peeps,

Or rather - Happy 'Announcement Day', as the folks over on the mothersite have called it for today.  As suggested by MaRo last week, there was to be product announcement today - Mark was not entirely accurate.  There were many new and wondrous Magic: the Gathering announcements today.  Here's the big picture you need right now - 

New on this list that we did not know anything, or at the very least - very little of are the supplemental products of Planechase Anthology, Commander 2016, Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis, and the fall set 'Kaladesh' with the second set of this block 'Aether Revolt'.  Wow - that's a lot to take in.  For today's post, we will just yatter a bit about Kaladesh block.

You will recall from the Magic Origins story, that Chandra is indeed a native of the Plane of Kaladesh - an ethnically diverse population with a background that would make Steampunk fans happy.  Automatons, thopters, other artifact creatures and devices are wrought with high precision and beauty and then imbued with aether which fuels the creation and brings it to life.  The aether is scarce and heavily controlled by the Consuls.

Given the key art here for Kaladesh as well as the names of the creative consultants provided in the product credits, we think it a distinct possibility that one should expect the further colouring of this world to have an (East) Indian feel to it.  Here is a blurb from the mothersite -
"Invent your Tomorrow" as we explore the plane we first caught a glimpse of in Magic Origins—Chandra’s home plane of Kaladesh. Imagination, invention, and ingenuity await when we debut Kaladesh at PAX West on September 2, 2016, and release it in stores September 30, 2016.
For Aether Revolt -
Aether Revolt. Ingenuity will only get you so far when the revolt comes. Releasing January 20, 2017.

New Bundle and Planeswalker Deck 
Each set will have two Planeswalker Decks, each built around a different Planeswalker. Those Planeswalkers will be characters relevant to that block. Each Planeswalker Deck will be a preconstructed 60-card deck and will be packaged with two booster packs from that block with an MSRP of $14.99. 

The Planeswalker Decks will premiere with Kaladesh, this year's fall set, where they will replace Intro Packs.  The decks will play into mechanical themes of the block, most often making use of a new keyword mechanic. The default will be that the decks will be two-color even if the Planeswalker is monocolor. 

• One copy of a mythic rare planeswalker
• Two copies of a rare spell that has an effect and also tutors for the specific planeswalker
• Three copies of an uncommon permanent that is enhanced by having the planeswalker on the battlefield
• Four copies of a common flavored to the Planeswalker

• Four copies of an appropriate common dual land

The name "Fat Pack" has always been a bit nondescript, so we're changing them to "[set name] Bundle." So with the fall set, we'll be creating the Kaladesh Bundle. It will have an MSRP of $42.99.

Here's what you can expect with the product:
• A card storage box
• 80-card land pack
• Ten booster packs
• One player's guide
• One Spindown life counter

• One rules reference card

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