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Eternal Masters Previews 5-26

Happy Thursday MTG peeps,

We continue to be very impressed with the cards getting reprints in the upcoming Eternal Masters set out next month.  Just when we thought we have seen the best of the set in the previous day's previews, WoTC delivers another lovely bunch of cards to tickle our fancy.

After the full set is delivered, we hope to provide a few further Eternal Masters posts to the MTG Realm blog including a new card art review and our suggestions for general strategies for each colour you may be drafting.

For now, here is a summary of the new Eternal Masters previews revealed today -

Ancestral Mask - Sweet!  Happy to see this reprinted.

Argothian Enchantress - Ditto - as above - go green subtheme.

Brainstorm - If you're drafting blue, auto-include this.

Burning Vengeance - You'll have to work hard to make this work in draft.

Call the Skybreaker - Decent.

Emperor Crocodile - OK.

Firebolt - Nice cheap burn.

Giant Solifuge - Weird 'n' interesting.

Goblin Trenches - Damn fine choice - loving it!

Green Sun's Zenith - Happy to see this - helluva limited bomb here.
Hydroblast - again - damn fine inclusion.

Innocent Blood - We'll take this any day of the week.

Isochron Scepter - Rather nice card, but we would pass in limited.

Karmic Guide - meh.

Man-o'-War - solid limited choice in blue.

Mesa Enchantress - apparently you should be pushing a green / white enchantment theme when drafting.

Mother of Runes - Rather lovely reprint here and not a bad choice for either limited or constructed in white.

Natural Order - Great inclusion here - want this for both limited and Commander.

Nausea - OK reprint, are there token-generators in this set other than Goblin Trenches?

Oona's Grace - another decent inclusion for blue.

Price of Progress - Nice! More for commander than draft here.

Pyroblast - Another lovely inclusion for red.

Quiet Speculation - Certainly not for EMA draft - there is only 3 cards so far with flashback and in three different colours.

Sinkhole - If you opened this, we think you would be happy for days.

Squadron Hawk - There are players to play the Hawk and others who are just plain wrong. (Seriously WotC, why is this here?)

Sulfuric Vortex - Don't think we need this.

Wee Dragonauts - Not bad if you are in these colours.

Wildfire Emissary - OK.

Winter Orb - Nice reprint - love it for the right Commander Deck - if you are drafting, just pass.

Eternal Masters is a booster-based compilation set containing cards legal in, and intended for, the Legacy, Commander, and Vintage formats. It is scheduled to be released on June 10, 2016.  All these cards are reprints and each booster to contain 15 randomly inserted game cards, including one foil card in every pack. 

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