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Pro Tour Infographic

Happy Tuesday MTG peeps,

Something rather interesting happening over on the MTG Realm blog on Tumblr.  Specifically, some milestones and some cool 'n' new weirdness.  As we approach 13,5000 followers, we hit our milestone of 4,000 posts.  That is a LOT of posts and followers . . 
Then, the following day, there were two of these thingys in our in-box - 
We did not know this was a thing.  We've been informed that the  Tumblr Radar is a small promoted post space shown on the dashboard of every user. It offers a substantial increase in traffic for businesses promoting goods and content on Tumblr. The Radar is used to showcase posts that have already attracted a lot of attention from the community.  Rather happy about that - Here were the two posts (this & this) that made the radar -
Anywhoos, big thanks to our thousands of followers in Tumblr-Land - we appreciate you.

For today, we have to say, drop everything and drop on over to the mothersire - Why?  We love infographics - that's why.  Posted today by Diego Fumagalli, is an article titled 'Visualizing Pro Tour Shadows Over Innistrad.  Here is a quick peak at this very awesome infographic fed by the PT data -

Dear Wizards of the Coast - please make more of these !  :)

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