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MTG Weekend Update 5-09

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

A solid chunk of our weekend was spent getting one member of the MTG Realm playgroup up to date on a Commander decklist that she is wanting to launch.  Quite specifically, she had the nucleus of the list all together and the group helped flesh it out.  The next step is to sell some of the many different infinite and limited combos that are available - such as taking additional turns through Thopter Assembly + Time Sieve, or perhaps a repeatable (one-sided_ board wipe with Nevinyrral's Disk + Darksteel Forge.  Anywhoos, much more to think about with this.

Next up, as indicated by the post title, a quick summary of this past weekend's standard constructed results from Grand Prix New York and Grand Prix Tokyo.

The 2015 World MTG Champ Seth Manfield took top spot at Grand Prix New York with a W/B Control build.  Just over 2,000 players gamed in this event and WotC staffer Marc Calderaro has a great article on what the post Shadows Over Innistrad metagame looks like.  As expected, White-Green Tokens, Bant (now four colour) Collected Company and White-Black Control were the decklists to beat.  Here are the Top 8 -

Grand Prix New York 2016
1st W/B Control Seth Manfield
2nd 4C Company Louis Deltour
3rd 4C Company Scott Lipp
4th White-Green Tokens Michael Majors
5th White-Green Tokens Michael Sigrist
6th W/B Control Daniel Ward
7th White-Green Tokens Brandon Ayers

8th Grixis Control Ralph Betesh

Here's Seth's List

On the weekend a world away, Riku Kumagai landed a spicy Naga Midrange decklist in 1st place at Grand Prix Tokyo.  This build included Dragonlord Atarka, Nahiri, the Harbinger and Chandra, Flamecaller.  The Top 8 here provided a bit more variety -

Grand Prix Tokyo 2016
1st Naya Midrange Riku Kumagai
2nd Grixis Control Kazushige Suzuki
3rd White-Green Tokens Takuma Morofuji
4th White-Green Tokens Carlos Ballester
5th Black-Green Aristocrats Kazuki Yada
6th Mono W Humans Takaya Saito
7th Grixis Control Kensuke Kato

8th 4C Company Eng Chu Heng

Here's Riku's List


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