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End of Jace

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

As it is Wednesday, we dropped over to the mothersite to read the weekly offering of official Magic: the Gathering story.  This week was Episode 11, titled 'Stories and Endings', submitted by WotC staffer Nic Davidson - and DANG - was that a humdinger of a story.  We suggest that you pop on over to today's story linked here, to get yourself up-to-date.  You should probably do that now before we go on . .

Back ?

Wow - Just like that movie Inception which featured Leonardo DiCaprio - Nik had a story within a story within a story.  Well, sort of - Nik delved into Tamiyo's story scrolls and we were offered some shorts, namley - 'He Who Frightens the Sun', 'Original', and 'Winter's Howl' we very entertaining.  The big cliff-hanger at the end concerns Jace and we won't bother saying anything about that just right now.

For now though, here is a handy summary of the Shadows Over Innistrad stories to date -

Episode 01: Under the Silver Moon
Halana and Alena are protectors of the Ulvenwald, Innistrad’s ancient forest. They hunt the horrors of the woods so the townsfolk can live without fear. But when there’s a death in Gatstaf, the pair worries that one of the Ulvenwald’s werewolves has found a way past their defenses

Episode 02: A Gaze Blank and Pitiless
Humans are on the brink of a new golden age for Innistrad, ushered in with the loving guidance of the powerful angel Avacyn, who has for centuries been the protector of humans everywhere.

Episode 03: Unwelcome
Jace Beleren has come to Innistrad searching for the vampire lord Sorin Markov, who he hopes can help him unravel a puzzle. But Innistrad is unfamiliar territory, and the only person Jace knows who might be able to guide him is likely to be less than helpful…

Episode 04: Sacrifice
Miles from Stensia, in the Nephalian highlands, something crawls to the surface of dark Lake Zhava.

Episode 05: The Mystery of Markov Manor
Despite Liliana’s dire warnings, Jace searches Innistrad for the powerful vampire Planeswalker Sorin Markov. Looking for answers, he finds nothing but more mysteries in the twisted halls of Markov Manor.

Episode 06: The Drownyard Temple
Jace Beleren’s investigation brought him to the twisted remains of Markov Manor, where he discovered a journal amid the rubble. He pursued the journal’s description of the cryptoliths—twisted stones he had seen in Markov Manor—to other locations where they had appeared on the plane.

Episode 07: Promises Old and New
Sorin’s past has returned to haunt him. Though shunned by his own kind, he hopes to gather the aid of the vampires to confront the threat that has come to Innistrad. His search has brought him to the remote estate of the powerful Olivia Voldaren.

Episode 08: Liliana’s Indignation
When we last saw her, Liliana Vess was receiving an unwelcome guest: Jace Beleren. Jace tried to convince Liliana to come with him to Markov Manor. When she refused, he set out alone. Liliana, meanwhile, has problems of her own…

Episode 09: Games
The fierce rivalry between Innistrad’s two most infamous necromancers - Geralf the stitcher and his sister, Gisa the ghoulcaller will, like their monstrous creations, never die.

Episode 10: The Lunarch Inquisition
Thalia and Odric, the most devout members of the Church of Avacyn, find themselves on opposing sides of a conflict that threatens to tear apart the fabric of Innistrad’s society.


Jace Beleren’s time on Innistrad has been spent chasing a mystery, with a bound collection of research notes as his guide. As it happens, the journal’s author, the moonfolk Planeswalker called Tamiyo, is several steps ahead of him….

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