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Avacyn Rekt

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Happy day indeed as we have the next Shadows Over Innistrad story installment from Doug Beyer.  When we last left off with 'Stories and Endings', things were looking pretty bleak for Jace and Tamiyo at Thraben Cathedral where the mad angel Avacyn was opening up a big can or whoop-arse on the pair.  Just as things looked worst, the story picks up with this . . .

Sorin's gonna do a superhero landing . . .
Wait for it . . .

WHOA !  SUPERHERO LANDING !! *clap**clap**clap*

Sorin appears to save bacon here for Jace and Tamiyo, then says this to Avacyn - "Listen to me. If you have some grievance with these two, you may kill them before we begin."


But hey - Sorin is neither fully evil or fully good - he is after all a vampire who evolved a conscious.  Anywhoos, Sorin does save Jace and Tamiyo from the mad wrath of Avacyn.  

The Angel and the Vampire have the most epic of donnybrook resulting in the gainful employment of stonemasons and other artisans at the Cathedral for months to come.

Avacyn is deleted by Sorin in the Vault of the Archangel, where she was created.  Moments after this unmaking as Innistrad had lost its protector, an "extended, guttural bass rumble rolled across the sky, profound and booming".  This is followed by some ground tremors.  What exactly was this response from ?  We will have to wait until June 8 to find out.

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