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GTC Midnight PreRelease

Happy Saturday MTG peeps,

Late last night, or rather very early this morning we headed out to the Gatecrash midnight prerelease event being held at our local card shop, OMG! Games here in Barrie, Ontario.  When we arrived, just shortly after the regular Friday Night Magic event was wrapping up, the store had a good-sized crowd eager to start playing with the newest Magic: the Gathering set.

We went with Orzhov and will be heading back to take in another prerelease event on Sunday - we were just too dang tired to go to any of the ones today - plus we wanted to post this video for you -  


For this PreRelease, just like with the last set, players get to choose a Guild Pack.  In the Guild Pack, you get a 'booster' specific to your chosen Gatecrash guild and five booster packs which you then build your 40-card deck.  Here's what we pulled : 

Orzhov Guild Pack : Treasury Thrull (R), Orzhov Guildgae, Alms Beast (R), Call of Orzhova, Thrull Parasite, Debtor's Pulpit, Assault Griffin, Prophetic Prism, Shadow Alley Denizen, Dutiful Thrull, Purge the Profane, Court Street Denizen, Devour Flesh, Beckon Apparition, Syndicate Enforcer, Zarichi Tiger.

Rares in Packs : Five Alarm Fire, Aurelia the Warleader, Consuming Aberration,  Merciless Eviction, Ooze Flux.

The field was a fairly even split between the guilds with a slight favour to Orzhov and Simic.  We only stayed for two matches before dropping (from being just exhausted - we get up fairly early every day).  The matches we did have were against Orzhov with the 'Extort' mechanic and Simic with the 'Evolve' mechanic.  Fun times, great games.  Tomorrow we will certainly be staying for the full event and hope to have some thoughts as to how each of the five guilds performed in a sealed event.


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