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Gatecrash Retailer Kits

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

We have here a quick run down of all the wonderful kits that Wizards of the Coast has available to support local gaming stores with the release of Gatecrash.   Retailers should connect with the Wizards Play Network home HERE to help grow their Magic: the Gathering player-base.

Anywhoos - a WPN video posted by Bill Stark got our attention.  The Gatecrash Game Day play mat to be awarded as a prize to the first place champion looks very much like Orzhov will get a Culling Sun (Guildpact Rare) Reprint.  At the very least, we're thinking some board-wiper for Orzhov.

Gatecrash Marketing kit
• 25 Gatecrash guild deck boxes
• 5 Gatecrash guild banners
• Gatecrash wall clock with 5 swappable guild faces (AA battery included)
• 12 double-sided table numbers
• Instruction sheet

Gatecrash League kit Contents
• 32 league progress cards and lanyard sets
• 20 prize-supplement token cards
• 4 sheets of guild symbol stickers
• 1 double-sided tracking poster
• Score pad
• Window cling
• 5 DCI™ membership cards
• Instruction sheet

Gatecrash PreRelease kit
Sorry - can someone shoot us over a list ?
• Prerelease poster
• Counter standee
Every Gatecrash Guild Prerelease Pack includes:
• Five "Gatecrash" booster packs
• One guild booster with the corresponding guild prerelease card
• A guild Spindown life counter
• A guild sticker
• A letter from your guild leader
• A guild-themed achievement card

Here's the Gatecrash Retailer Video . . .


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