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Gatecrash Promos

Happy Wednesday MTG peeps,

Today on the mothersite, WotC Monty brought the juice and shared all the Gatecrash promo cards.  All the alternate card arts look very excellent and we are definitely looking forward to getting our paws on most of them.  As these are rather collectible, we think quite a few players out there will want to pimp their commander / EDH or even Modern deck.  To follow this line, drop over to MTG Mint Card to level-up on foils.

Righto - onto the promos available with the new Gatecrash set . .

Gatecrash PreRelease Guild Pack Promos (these are likely to be the respective Intro Pack foil rare cards as well) . . .

Boros (
/): Foundry Champion
Dimir (
/): Consuming Aberration
Gruul (
/): Rubblehulk
Orzhov (
/): Treasury Thrull
Simic (
/): Fathom Mage

Gatecrash Buy-A-Box promo
Magic: the Gathering fans purchasing a booster box at their local gaming stores can score this Nightveil Specter promo (while supplies last)

Gatecrash Launch promo
When Gatecrash hits store shelves for sale on Friday, 1st February, MTG players attending the Friday Night Magic Event will receive this monstrous Skarrg Goliath promo.

League Promo
Once your local gaming store starts up Gatecrash League play, among the tournament game prizes available will be this hybrid red / white 1/1 Soldier creature token.

Game Day Promo
Several weeks after the launch of Gatecrash (on 23 / 24 February), participants at the Gatecrash Game Day will receive this Zameck Guildmage promo.

Those to make Top 8 during the Gatecrash Game Day event can expect to receive this Firemane Avenger promo.

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