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Gatecrash Prep

Happy Monday MTG peeps,

This is our second post today - check out our earlier one here.

 As anticipated, at midnight last night, the full list of all the new Magic: the Gathering cards in Gatecrash was posted to the mothersite.  Untold thousands of gamers who did not stay up for this woke up this morning and promptly devoured all the new cardboard awesomeness and began evaluating each fresh card for the PreRelease events this weekend or the official launch the next.  To prepare for this weekend, check out the Gatecrash Prerelease Primer posted to the mothersite by WotC staffer Mike Mcartor, and contact your local gaming store (Wizards store locator here) to confirm details and whether you may need to pre-register.  Our local card shop, OMG! Games here in Barrie Ontario are taking reservations for Guild Packs and we still have not decided just which Guild to play yet.

There are a lot of cards to read over and evaluate.  If you are sitting in the same undecided boat not knowing which guild to play, read on as we provide a run-down of some select Gatecrash cycles which may provide some motivation to choose one guild over the other in your sealed pool this weekend.

Denizens : Each of these common creatures has a triggered ability, which triggers whenever a creature of color enters the battlefield under your control.
• Court Street Denizen    
• Sage's Row Denizen    
• Shadow Alley Denizen    
• Foundry Street Denizen    
• Ivy Lane Denizen


Land auras : Each of these common auras enchants a land and grant that land an activated ability with a Tap.gif in its cost or an triggered ability, which triggers when that land is tapped.
• Debtor's Pulpit    
• Skygames    
• Contaminated Ground    
• Tin Street Market    
• Verdant Haven


Off-color-activation cards : Each of these permanent cards have an activated ability costing mana of other color of the guild to which they are aligned.    
• Dutiful Thrull
• Frilled Oculus
• Horror of the Dim
• Towering Thunderfist
• Disciple of the Old Ways    

Stay tuned all this week as we tear through our thoughts on all the new Gatecrash cards.  Keep an eye on MTG Mint Card who will upload the price the remaining Gatecrash cards for preorder shortly.

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