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Worldwake Promos

Wow - step away from 'teh interwebs' for a few hours and all spoiler hell breaks loose. Anyways - Happy New Year's everyone and welcome to our very first post of 2010. Although our heads hurt from waaay too much merrry-making last evening, we doused ourselves with boiling coffee to bring you the latest Magic the Gathering Spoilers.

Today, we have courtesy of several folks from the forums, this - two prerelease / release promo cards for the next set - Worldwake found on the back of an oversized card . . .

Here is the front of the oversized card . . .

And now the back . . .

The first is an oversized card. This card was foretold in the Worldwake IntroPack descriptions (post HERE) - more specifically, this card was described in the 'Brute Force' IntroPack description as to what would be a good card to add to that deck . . .

Worldwake Pre-Release Promo - January 31 / 31, 2010

Comet Storm, X
Instant, Mythic Rare
Multikicker 1 Multikicker {1} (You may pay an additional {1} as you play this spell as many times as you choose.)
Choose target creature or player, then choose another target creature or player for each time Comet Storm was kicked. Comet Storm then deals X damage to each of them.

Personally we love this card - we just don't think that it should have been a Mythic Rare.

Next card - this was identified on the back of the above oversized promo card and it is to be the release foil we can expect to get (while quantities last) when we get out to the Worldwake release day party.

Worldwake Release Promo - February 5 / 7, 2010

Joraga Warcaller, (Rare)
Creature - Elf Warrior
Multikicker 1
(You may pay an additional {1} as you play this spell as many times as you choose.)
Joraga Warcaller enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it for each time it was kicked.
Other Elf creatures you control get +1/+1 for each +1/+1 counter on Joraga Warcaller.

nice ! - Looks like we have another elf Lord. Pair this up with Elvish Archdruid, and your standard casual Elf deck just got a great foundation.


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Anonymous said...

Looks like WotC really wants to point out multikicker.