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MTG Rewards

This is of course fairly old news but we wanted to yatter about the benefits of signing up for the Magic the Gathering Player Rewards (aka MPR) program. This is where you the player saunter in to your local game shop and sign up to receive sweet cardboard booty in the mail. Really can't go very wrong with that.

Briefly - Once you're in (we just said urine!) the system, for every 5 tournaments you participate in, you receive 1 random new textless spell and 1 random older card wrapped together; and for every 20 events (Friday Night Magic as an example), you receive a premium foil card.

Check out what we got from Wizards in the January 2010 mailing . . .

mmmm - textless Infest, Sign in Blood, Harmonize and a foil Lightning Bolt - really nice art on 'em too. On the back of the oversized new Worldwake Comet Storm (one of our first Worldwake spoilers), we have the following pre-relase (Comet Storm) and release cards (Joraga Warcaller) . . .

With regards to yesterday's post (Joraga Green) we got a this comment from long time MTG Realm reader gregtron . . .

I love how dedicated you are to breaking Sigil Captain! This deck has me wondering if we might see the return of a viable black/green aggro elves deck. Even just a splash of black in Eldrazi Green would allow you to play Maelstrom Pulse to wreck the mirror.

We do realise that we have this thing for Sigil Captain - don't worry, we are going to therapy for this. This next casual MTG build we went big and stupid just to prove gregtron correct in his assessment of our mental state . . .

This deck features massive mana acceleration with Birds and Noble Hierarch to get an early drop of Mycoloth or Ant Queen. Pumps include Sigil Captain (of course) and Oran Rief, the Vastwood.

Playtesting this casual deck - Of course it lost more games than it won but the important thing, it was fun, and when it did win, it was just short of epic with dozens of pumped Saprolings and Insects.


MTG Realm announcement . . .
Stay tuned for this Friday's post - we got goodies from Wizards !
Yep - that's right, we have four commons and one uncommon Worldwake spoilers right before the previews begin on Wizards.


redsai said...

Really wish you would post a real decklist if you're going to post a picture of all the cards together. (Though I'd sneak a few Sprout Swarms in anyhow)

I am now excited to check my mail this month. I just opened the wrap on my last Bolt for a deck.

Anonymous said...

I got an envelope today that contained much of the same except I scored a foil alt art damnation.