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Path of the Planeswalker

If you were lucky enough to get your hands on a Zendikar Fat Pack, then you would have seen the promo excerpt of the graphic novel, Path of the Planeswalker. Here's the news - this book hits the shelves today (1/05/2010) and from the sneak peak from today's Magic Arcana, it is looking good.

Here is the skinny . . .

> Paperback: 192 pages
> Publisher: Wizards of the Coast; Original edition (January 5, 2010)
> Language: English
> ISBN-10: 0786953675
> ISBN-13: 978-0786953677
> Product Dimensions: 10.1 x 6.6 x 0.6 inches

Magic: The Gathering®’s entire planeswalker web comic series in one volume, now with never-before-seen material! Path of the Planeswalker, Wizards of the Coast's first-ever Magic: The Gathering graphic anthology, is scheduled to be released January 5, 2010. This 192-page action-packed collection combines the entire planeswalker web comic series, as well as a never-before-seen bonus comic for MSRP $14.95.

Written by Magic:The Gathering’s creative team, and brought to life in lavish four-color illustration by some of the industry’s best known artists, Path of the Planeswalker represents the high quality story-telling readers have come to expect from the world’s most popular trading card game.

In this action-packed volume, readers get adventures from all their favorite planeswalkers including battles between mind-mage Jace Beleren and the implusive pyromancer Chandra Naalar. The mercurial necromancer Liliana Vess tangles with the savage Garruk Wildspeaker. And we learn more of the artificer Tezzeret’s past with the Seekers of Carmot, plus much more.

Path of the Planewalker represents the high quality story-telling readers have come to expect from the world's most popular trading card game, Magic: The Gathering. It features lavish illustrations by some of the industry's best known artists such as Mark Texeira, Christopher Moeller, Jason Shawn Alexander, and Aleksi Briclot. For more information on Path of the Planeswalker and other Magic novels, visit

Now if this book only came with a fake 'TPS Report' cover, we would be able to enjoy it at work.

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