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So . . . imagine you are carrying around a bar of gold stuffed into your backpack along with your magic cards and a half-eaten lunch. The weight of it would be similar to that of a one-liter bottle of water. The weight on your mind however would be astronomical.

You start to wonder to yourself, just how many other people here at the Memphis bus station know I have a $ 10,000 bar of gold in my back-pack . . . Perhaps you start to think that although so very kewl, it may have been safer to have Wizards cut you a cheque with your name on it.

Anywho - these are the two choices you if you win at the WIN GOLD tournament next month in Memphis. As I am Canadian, and am not eligible, you have my envy. I will just have to settle for a replica gold bar 1 GB USB drive instead.


The WIN GOLD Championship tournament will take place Sunday, December 14, 2008 at the Magic: The Gathering World Championship Tournament at the Memphis Cook Convention Center in Memphis, TN, USA. The format of the tournament will be Shards of Alara Sealed Deck. The winner of the tournament will have the option of winning a $10,000 engraved 14K gold bar or the equivalent in cash. There will be no entry fee.

The winner of the Win GOLD tournament may choose 1 of the following prizes for which he or she is eligible.

Option A:
Magic Gold estimated value $10,000 (at the date of purchase approximately November 1, 2008)
1 bar of 14 carat gold with the Worlds logo embossed onto it. Prize will be on site, winner must take custody of it on day of winning tournament.

Option B
Prize: $10,000 USD.

Winner may select either prize so long as the selection is made immediately upon being named a potential winner in the Championship Tournament. usb
Classy Design-Gold Bar USB Drive-1GB for $ 32.00

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