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The New Gatherer

Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. From a skim of my internet browser history, you will find that this is the site that most often I visit and use for hours on end researching new evil combinations.

The much anticipated new beta version of Gatherer is now up and appears to be operational. The new dB has a number of improvements, including the ability to use an advanced search to do complex filters on all aspects of a card, a more visual and sortable interface for search results. I also appreciate that a new section has been added which allows you to rate, comment on and rate comments on each card.

Here's a short list of some of the new features you'll find in the new Gatherer:

> You can sort your results using multiple successive sorts. So for example, you could search for all Goblins in Magic, and then sort them by color, then converted mana cost, then name. Sort options are in the "Search Options" expandable area on the Search Results page.

>You can view ANY set of results as a Visual Spoiler! So for example, you could look for all of the Planeswalkers in Magic, and then switch to Visual Spoiler view to see them as a grid of cards. Visual Spoiler is a link in the same "Search Options" expandable area on the Search Results page.

>You can get a random card by clicking Random Card in the top navigation. (This is one of my favorite things to do on the new Gatherer.) You can also see the entire set in which a card was printed, or the entire works of that card's artist, by clicking on the links on the Card Details page.

> You can see statistics on another user's ratings and comments by clicking their name next to a comment they've made on a card.

Since I am always determined to be the first kid into the sandbox, I had already provided a rating and some individual card comments / discussion for Deathbringer Liege as shown below.

Thanks Wizards !

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